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Wednesday 10 May 2017 (Tendai Rupapa)

A 21 year old man allegedly rapes his 16 year old sister on several occasions and when the victim reported the abuse to their mother, she swept the matter under the carpet, the court heard yesterday. Prosecuting Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa alleged that on December 24 last year, at around 6pm the complainant was watching television in the sitting room when her brother came in. he inserted a pornographic disc into the DVD player and started watching it before fondling his sisters breasts. She resisted but was overpowered by the accused who pushed her to the floor before raping her, the court heard. The following day the complainant went to church and informed her pastor and a church elder about the sexual abuse. After the repeated assault the victim bolted out of the house and rushed to her friend’s house in the neighborhood. She informed her friend’s mother who then gave her a place to sleep for the night. The friend’s mother reported the matter to the police the following morning leading to the arrest of the accused.