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By Jairos Saunyama 10/08/17 p4

A Form Four pupil at Kotwa High School in Mutoko reportedly collapsed and died after consuming excessive amounts of an illicit brew during a drinking competition with friends. The incident, according to police sources, who conducted the investigations, occurred on August 6, as students engaged in a weekend beer-drinking binge at a local bottle store. The deceased, identified as Crossby Mose (18) of Meza village in Chief Mukota’s area, reportedly died on admission at Kotwa Hospital. It is reported that a fellow villager entered the bottle store and offered to buy Mose and his colleagues alcohol. One of the colleagues reportedly bought a 200ml bottle of illicit brew and gulped the contents without taking a break. Mose then joined the contest where he reportedly gulped 600ml of the illicit brew at once before he collapsed and taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.