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By Praise Masvosva 23/04/18 P3

A Chitungwiza woman scalded a 10 month old baby after missing her target, the baby’s mother. Ashley Shani 22 pleaded guilty to charges of ill-treating and neglecting a child when she appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Yeukai Chgodora. The child’s mother and Shani are cousins. On march 21 around 10am,there was a verbal alteration between Shani and the mother. The state led by Norman Koropi, said that Shani removed the mothers plates which were in sink. After exchanging words, Shani took the bucket of hot water and attempted to scald the mother but missed the target. As a result he poured hot water on the baby who was strapped on her mothers back. The baby suffered burns on the head and cheek. Magistrate Chigodora who presided over the matter requested for a medical affidavit to determine the injuries. The matter will be back in court on April 25.