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By Priscilla Chikume Pg A5 12.07.18

Physical challenges such as living with disability can affect the psychological well-being of whole family especially immediate family that takes care of a child living with such conditions However this has not neen the case with Jairos Jiri staff members who provide health care, education and physiotherapy services to a population of more than two hundred students leaving with disabilities at the institution. After visiting the school one would understand that educating a child who is physically challenged requires a special skill and an enduring spirit due to the fact that most students are incapacitated to perform very simple tasks because of their physical challenges. In an interview with the principal, Sheila Chiwaridzo, she emphasized the challenges that are being faced in sport, education and welfare of the students. “We do sporting activities such as wheelchair basket ball, cricket and slalom (movement of the wheelchairs). The biggest challenge we are facing is the lack of special wheelchairs that are designed for such sports. If we have sport tournament we usually borrow from our sister institution Danhiko, however the problem comes when we want to compete with them”, said Chiwaridzo.