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By Zvikomborero Paraffin Pg4 13.07.18

A 21 months old baby’s corpse was exhumed within 24 hours of burial at Mbudzi grave yard in Harare. The family found the grave open and the coffin empty.The Harare Council which Granville falls under also confirmed grave tempering. There was blood on the rock near to the coffin and the family suspects it is were the baby’s body parts were cut off for the purpose of performing rituals. Prior to the death of the child, the child chocked on water and started acting out in a way they thought to be spiritual. The mother took him to a prophet and the child showed signs of recovery. On their way back to the prophet  the child  became unconscious and they took the child to the doctor who confirmed the child to be dead. The family argued when a child is not feeling well they carry out their religious beliefs before going to the doctor. The mother suspects foul play which resulted in the body missing within  24 hours after his burial.