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By Tendai Rupapa pg A4 13.07.18

On Monday, mai Mnangagwa visited the San in Plumtree. In this part of Zimbabwe, at least eight to ten family members share one small hut whose roof is made of grass, walls of tin moulded mud “bricks”. A typical family setup of the San comprises of , a father, mother, two daughters, four sons and two grandchildren and they all share one thin and torn blanket in a single room. They originated from what they called ” the bushes ” since 1993 after they were “taken”  from the bushes by a woman they identified only as Mrs Matondo. The San are living under harsh conditions, from lack of toilets, national identity documents, livestocks or better homes, to the hostility of the dominating Kalanga and Ndebele people. What catches the attention of most people is the unavailability of schools. The San children do not go to school. The area is marginalized and poor and without help its generations continue like that. The first lady Mai Mnangagwa educated the San women on a number of  projects which include gardening. She also provided the San children with books and toys and she appealed to the government ministries responsible for the welfare of people, water, sanitation and road rehabilitation to urgently assist as the situation in San was dire.