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By Tim Middleton 5 – 11 August 2018 pg 17

Parents today make sure their children pass. However by such logic, we are also saying that every child must be a brilliant sportsman, a fantastic musician, a gifted actor, a sparkling debater, a cunning chess player, a prolific public speaker. Parents need to understand that, eventually, not every child will pass their examination, no matter how much time they were given to learn. While it is fully understandable that every parent wants their child to pass, we have to ask, however, why, exactly, our child must pass. Does out child have a legal right to pass examinations? From where does our argument that our child needs to pass no matter what? Perhaps it comes from a parent’s fear of what his friends and colleagues at work might think if his child does not shine as ,much as theirs. The drive for a child to pass examinations often stems from the fact that the parent wants his child to be a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer. Parents should note that just as we grow up in different ways , at different times; in a similar way we all develop intellectually in different ways.