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By Yeukai Karengezeka 7/08/18 pg 2

A Chitungwiza man who allegedly raped his three year old child after he chased away his wife over a misunderstanding was yesterday acquitted after the state failed to prove its case. The accused (37) appeared before Chitungwiza regional magistrate Mrs Estere Chivasa on rape charges which he pleaded not guilty and was set free after full trial. Mrs Chivasa mentioned that the state failed to provide enough evidence and witnesses were inconsistent. The complainant gave three different accounts saying firstly it was her grandmother who inserted a stick in her private parts, then she said it was her father who placed a stick in her organ before saying the father raped her. Medically, a tear was discovered outside the child’s private parts but there was no penetration. The judge concluded that possibility is that either the father or grandfather could have done something to the child or even the mother considering she showed a dubious character.