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By Jairos Saunyama 10 September 2018 pg 5

Police in Goromonzi have launched a manhunt for a 60 year old man after he allegedly poured hot water on his sleeping wife after a heated argument over obtaining a birth certificate for their child and then fled the family home. The wife is currently admitted at Parirenyatwa Hospital.  According to police, on 5 September the two had an argument over getting a birth certificate for their 9 year old son with the father against that idea. The complainant retired to bed leaving her husband outside where he was at the fireplace boiling some. He marched into the bedroom and poured the boiling water on his wife who screamed for help and the neighbours came. They found the accussed still in the bedroom threatening to inflict more harm on his wife and they restrained him. He reportedly threatened to kill his wife’s aunt before he fled from the scene. The woman was rushed to hospital before the case was reported.