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By Tarirai Shawn Matiashe 23 September 2018 pg 6

The nation looked as women activists pushed for the government to avail free sanitary wear for girls and they thought they were berserk. The sad reality continues however as underdeveloped areas such as Binga such commodities are not available. In towns and cities they cost $1.20 being sold for $2-3 in the area. Some girls in Binga have resorted to using cotton and rigged cloth as sanitary wear. Some do not attend schools during their menstrual cycles as the cloths cause discomfort when they walk long distances with them. Some use wrapping cloths known as Zambia which is not hygienic.  Most girls are missing 4-5 school days per month because of the problem. Natasha Ruya of Shwamwariyemwanasikana said recycled pads should be given to these girls to help them with their situation.