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By Arron Nyamayaro, 22 October 2018, pg 5

Hwindi President’s underage second wife regrets withdrawing rape charges she filed three years ago saying the abuse has gone beyond control. The 17-year-old who is expecting a baby in the next four months disclosed how the chanter silenced her along with her family when she alleged offence occurred while she was 14 years old. She went on to narrate how she endured physical abuse and is left without food by the chanter at a rented house in Zengeza. She said she aborted her first pregnancy in an effort to save Hwindi President from being jailed which she now regrets since Hwindi is always physically and emotionally abusing her regardless of the fact that she is pregnant. Contacted for comment, Hwindi denied the allegations insisting that he has one wife. He denied knowing this girl. The victim said she received threats from Hwindi president soon after H-Metro called him. Born Mugove Bessel Parehwa, known as Hwindi president made headlines for his rape case and recently over assaulting his wife Panashe.