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Mirirai Nsingo 20 OCTOBER 2018 pg L1

Hardlife (19) survived a crocodile attack when he was doing hid grade two in 2008. His village is more than 10km from the nearest school and he had to walk to and from school and had rto cross the crocodile infested Angwa river. Although the river has a bridge it far away that it would mean walking an extra 5 or more kilometers to get school leaving them with no choice but risk their life crossing the river. The river is not only a death trap but has also resulted in pupils from the other side failing to attend school during the rainy season as they cannot  risk crossing it.  His leg had to amputated and he spent 3 years at home as he could no longer walk the distance to school. However the partnership between Government, Save the Children and Leonard Cheshire Disability Trust of Zimbabwe through their inclusive education programme he and other children with disabilities have gone back to school. They have constructed ramps, toilets that are accessible making it easier for the children to access the school and use it.