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By Letwin Ncube, 16 November 2018. pg 14

A company director has been accused of neglecting the welfare of his three children. Tafadzwa Ticharwa opened up at Harare Civil court were she was claiming $615 from her husband, Shepherd Zaranyika, who allegedly deserts her family. Zaranyika, who was being represented by lawyer, said he was shocked that his wife would claim money from him since he was taking care of his family. The court heard that Ticharwa applied for maintenance because the two have not been in good books as a couple. Ticharwa told the court that Zaranyika sometimes deserts the family. The court was told that Zaranyika is a director at Territory Company and that he is able to pay the amount requested. In response, Ticharwa through his lawyer said their company has been resolved and that he is now into part time welding and his salary ranges from $250 to $300. He said that to protect his children he is offering $35 for each child on top of school fees, clothes and uniforms. Presiding magistrate Shelah Nazombe postponed the matter to November 20 and ordered Zaranyika to bring his bank statements.