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By Shamiso Dzingire 7 February 2019

A Harare court yesterday sentenced an HIV-positive maid to 25 years in jail for infecting a 12 year old boy with the virus and a sexually transmitted infection.The 40 year old woman coaxed the boy on two occasions infecting him with the HIV virus and genital warts. She had pleaded guilty to two accounts of aggravated indecent assault and deliberately transmitting HIV when she appeared before the judge. The prosecutor said sometime in April last year the maid who was sleeping in the same room but in different beds undressed the boy and had sex with him once without protection. The minor went to stay with his grandmother in Murewa and developed genital warts. He was taken to Murewa hospital and was treated. The court heard that on New Year’s Eve, the woman undressed the child and had unprotected sex with him. The boy was confronted by Kumula who thought she heard funny sounds and the boy revealed the abuse. She told the boy’s mother and a police report was made leading to the lady’s arrest.