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By Albert Masaka 10 February 2019 pg 8

Legislator Job Sikhala says he is preparing a lawsuit against the soldiers behind the brutal attack of children as young as 10 during the recent army crackdown against dissent. Sikhala said he was shocked by the extent of abuse of children caught up in the dragnet.  He said that the boys were now in desperate need  of counselling after they were allegedly tortured while in custody. The five boys were acquitted last Thursday after prosecutors failed to prove a case against them after spending at Chikurubi maximum security prison. One of the boys narrated how the two soldiers and two policeman tear-gassed his family home before they seized him on January 14. He says soldiers ordered him and other boys to lie in a pool of water before they started kicking them and tried to force them to confess that they had broken into a boutique in Unit L. They were taken to the police station were they were ordered to lie on the table and they got 10 sjamboks each. The beating carried on until they were transferred to Chikurubi Maximum Prison.