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By Veneranda lANGA 11 February 2019 pg 2

Defense minister Oppah Muchinguri told the parliament that asking children to take in demonstrations must be punishable by law. She was responding to a question by MP Nkomo who wanted to know government policy on youths that were being used to take part in violence. Nkomo alleged that youths were used in the January 14-16 demonstrations which resukted in looting several shops.  The Justice for Children Trust  reported that 19 minors aged between 15 ad 17 were arrested and appeared in court for crimes such as looting and violence during the protests. One of the juveniles, a 16 year old fro Epworth, collapsed and bled from the mouth when she appeared in court. She was allegedly assaulted by the officers who kicked her in the head and ribs during her arrest. Muchinguri said that if children are abused, be they by organisations or individuals, it is an issue punishable by law.