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By Shamiso Dzingire

A Harare man stunned the court when he offered to pay $15 for maintenance of his minor children. Christopher Magaisa said he cannot  afford the $200 child support . His former girlfriend was claiming for their children aged four and 10. Magaisa said that he works in a butchery earning $192 in cash. He said that he is married and has another child who is 18 years old and needs to be taken care of. He said that he is offering $15 for each child.The court is said to set the terms of the child support situation, and the basis upon which an enforcement or collection action can be taken against Magaisa who has allegedly failed to meet his support obligations.  President magistrate Gladys Moyo rolled the matter over to February 19 to allow Magaisa to bring proof that he earns the $192.