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by Shamiso Dzingire 03/03/19

Children in broken families are suffering badly from divorce or parental break-ups.Due to the worsening economic situation and poverty many mothers are flooding to courts seeking upward variations of their maintenance orders. Many of these applications have been turned down due to the reason that though the cost of living has gone up, the salaries of the husbands have not gone up. This is due to the reason that despite their claim seeing as if it has merit and scale should tilt in their favour, the responsibility of the child or children rests on both parents and dragging each other to court should be the last resort. Justice for Children Govhati said parents who contribute monthly for their children are in a dilemma as they are struggling in an environment where prices are constantly rising. Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children director Taylor Nyanhete said that since the welfare of the child is at stake, parents can share custody of the child as a way of equally sharing responsibility. In the face of dwindling child support and poverty, most of the children end up doing badly, suffering from poor health and falling into crime and addiction.