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by Andile Tshuma, Chronicle Reporter 30 March 2019

A Mpoengs police officer allegedly sexually molested 21 pupils while conducting an investigation into sexual abuse at a local primary school. The cop who was only identified as a Constable Muzulu stationed at Mpoengs Police station is accused of inserting his fingers into 21 pupils’ private parts and fondling their breasts on Monday. Constable Muzulu is accused of having conducted one-on-one sessions with female pupils interviewing them about cases of sexual assault at the school. He is accused of having denied a female teacher the permission to be part of the meetings and said he only wanted to be with the pupils alone. Sources said Constable Muzulu allegedly started fondling the girls in a classroom, where he held one-on-one meetings with each of them. The matter came to light when pupils reported their ordeal to their parents.  Some pupils are said to have started bleeding, leading them to being rushed to Brunapeg Hospital for medical examination. Some are said to have complained of difficulty when walking or sitting following the alleged ordeal.