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SCHOOLS opened normally for the second term yesterday in Ngangu Primary and Chimanimani Secondary schools with more than 80 percent of pupils attending classes while teachers reported for duty.After Cyclone Idai hit the eastern parts of Zimbabwe on March 15 and 16 this year with Ngangu Township in Chimanimani being one of the hardest hit, Government and other stakeholders worked overtime to ensure schools in the areas affected by the tropical cyclone are ready for re-opening of the second term. Pupils sang songs and recited poems whose main theme centered on restoring hope for the future after the traumatic experiences they went experienced when Cyclone Idai struck. In an interview in Chimanimani yesterday, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Professor Paul Mavhima, said 80 percent of pupils had attended classes. He praised non-governmental organizations such as the Higher Life Foundation for a job well done “We have psycho social services that are being provided in schools so that the traumatized pupils as well as teachers learn to concentrate on their schoolwork. Organisations such as the International Organisation of Migrants are actually assisting us in that respect”, he said.