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Pauline Hurungundo

Parents should avoid hounding school children with the prevailing economic pressures as this affects childhood development,a top Harare school has recommended. Chisipite junior school revealed that a number of primary school children,mostly aged between six and 13 ,are expressively discussing adult topics stemming from extreme economic anxieties trickling down from parents.The school also guided parenting styles saying the current scorching economic environment may be taking its toll on parents who end up passing distress to their children resulting in emotional instability. “I am rather concerned with the number of children of a young age who are discussing adult topics relevant to Zimbabwe…bond notes against US$ ,scarcity of fuel ,shortages of foodstuffs,crime,commuter omnibus drivers etc Not only are they discussing these issues,but they are also becoming increasingly worried about problems over which they have absolutely no control” said the school’s counselor Fiona Mills in a letter addressed to the parents. Parents are currently facing mounting pressure from a litany of problems which include shortage fuel ,medicines,foreign currency and rising cost of living which includes food prices and school fees.Meanwhile salaries are not rising at the same pace with the cost of living.When a child hears adults discuss the price of bread going up,she may interpret this as we ‘we can’t afford food’ therefore the school advised parents to watch what they say and what they don’t say. In an environment where there is any turmoil or instability, consistent and conscious parenting is vital for your daughter’s success–both at school and in the wider world.