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Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights ( ZLHR) is appalled to the deplorable conditions obtaining at the country’s prisons, which deprives prisoners of their inherent dignity and value as human beings.

According to media reports, including accounts from detainees, who served jail time in prisons and some who have been or are currently represented by human rights, inmates have bemoaned the inhumane conditions obtaining in detention centers. Complaints that lawyers have noted include, but not limited to poor sanitation, lack of clean water, imbalance, lack of clean and portable water, imbalance diet, shortages of food, medicines, adequate, adequate clothing and overcrowding.

In its interaction with detainees, ZLHR lawyers have been advised that prisoners were also being subjected to abuse in instances where prisoners engaging in hard labor outside their official obligatory labor hours

The ZLHR calls upon ZPCs and goverment to ensure that:

all prisoners retain in the human rights and fundamental freedoms set out in the following human rights instruments for example the Kampala Declaratioafrican of Prisons Conditions in