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The Primary and secondary education ministry has expressed concern over the ever-declining rate of fees payment in schools in and around Bulawayo with government officials jegging parents to come in handy in the provision of quality education. Edgar Moyo said parents should meet schools halfway. “It is worrying that the rate at which parents are paying fees has declined. Some of it may be attributed to poverty, attitude and maybe some people going around saying people should not pay fees. He added: “The reason being that we want to invest in the education of our children,such that we produce quality. Unless you put in something,you won’t get anything.” While schools around the country have hiked their fees in reaction to the worsening economic situation,it has been difficult for them to chase away defaulting students as the government has warned against the move. Already several schools have tables proposals to increase school fees for the on-going second term citing the need to cope with recent price escalations.