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by Danisa Masuku 31/07/19

A MAN from Bulawayo’s Sauerstown suburb has been arrested after he was allegedly caught fondling his stepdaughter’s breast while also rubbing his privates on her bums. It is said last week on Monday at around  7.30 pm, the accused furtively left his wife imbibing  wise waters with their neighbour and headed to a bedroom where his 15-year-old teenage girl was sleeping. A court heard the accused got into the bedroom and found his stepdaughter in deep sleep. He allegedly fondled her breast before he took out his organ and rubbed it against her buttocks. While he was busy pleasuring himself the victim’s brother allegedly stormed in and caught him red-handed. Incensed by his stepfather’s actions he is said to have grabbed him and violently pushed him out of the bedroom. Seeing her husband being bundled out of the house while trying to cover his privates, the mother of the minor reportedly questioned her son about the unfolding drama. Her son revealed that he caught his stepfather fondling his younger sister’s breast while rubbing his manhood on her buttocks. That did not go down well with the mother of the teenager. She made a police report leading to the arrest of her husband.