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Talent Chimutambgi Herald Reporter

The Zimbabwe Association of Church-related Hospitals (ZACH) is worried over the spike in cases of violence against children, and called on the media to spearhead efforts to reduce new HIV infections and violence against girls.ZACH programme manager Dr Chidzewere Nzou made the call on Thursday during a media workshop in Harare.

“As ZACH, we are concerned about the rise in the cases of violence against children. Children are vulnerable and we have decided to collaborate with the media to help in advocating a reduction of this vice,” said Dr Nzou.

“Children are susceptible even to sexual abuse in our homes to the extent of contracting HIV and this is depriving them of their self-esteem. Let us make homes a safer place for children and reduce gender-based violence against them.”

ZACH programmes officer Mr Maxwell Humbiro echoed similar sentiments.

“As we appreciate the role the media is playing, I want to take this opportunity to sincerely urge you media practitioners to take a leading role in improving awareness to reduce some forms of abuse to children, especially females,” said Mr Humbiro

ZACH groups mission hospitals and works closely with the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

The workshop was attended by journalists from all media houses.