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Vision, Mission, Objectives and Guiding Principles


To be the leader of the child rights sector through coordination, advocacy, capacity building, quality assurance, research and resource mobilization for effective child development programming by all players of the sector.


A coordinated and effective child rights sector.


  1. Networking of the child rights sector members enhanced
  2. Child rights sector membership’s capacity developed for effective programming
  3. Cutting edge advocacy issues identified and pursued through collaboration with membership and other stakeholders.
  4. Quality program delivery in line with best practices amongst the players of the child rights sector ensured
  5. Information exchange and communication among network members promoted
  6. Adequate resources mobilized for the child rights sector
  7. Research on emerging issues concerning children done.
  8. All such things as may be necessary or desirable to attain all or any of the above aims and objectives done.


  1. Children– we value the realization of the best interests of every child in collaboration with other players in the child rights sector.
  2. Representation– we value representation of our membership’s needs and aspirations irrespective of their status registered or not registered, size, gender and religious affiliation
  3. Participation– we uphold the participation of our membership, government, the children and other stakeholders in actualizing the vision and mission thereby, meaningfully contributing to the holistic realization of children’s rights.
  4. Networking-we are committed to bringing all players in the child rights sector together at a platform of sharing information, experiences and ideas in child development programming.
  5. Accountability – we affirm our commitment to being accountable for the fulfillment of all duties and professional obligations associated with United Nations Conventions as well as those of The African Charter.
  6. Partnerships– we value partnerships with anyone who will help us realize the vision and mission of Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children.


  1. Best interests of the child- all activities, projects and initiatives to be carried out by the organization have to be in the best interests of the child.
  2. Mentorship-we believe in skills and knowledge sharing amongst the membership to realize best practices in organizational management and programming.
  3. Child participation– children have to participate meaningfully in decision making of issues that affect them, including our programs
  4. Rights based approaches- all interventions and programs of the organization should seek to avail deprived rights to children.
  5. Results based management- each initiative of the organization should demonstrate results